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Bottomline works with businesses, medical practices and financial institutions all around the United States to provide professional, flat-fee collection agency services that are the most successful in the industry.

  • Been in business since 1970
  • 35,000+ active clients 
  • With $900M recovered in 2016 alone, we have size, scale and unsurpassed industry knowledge
  • Committed to maintaining the highest standards of cyber security.
  • Strictly compliant with FISMA, NIST, PCI-DSS (credit card security), HIPAA (medical insurance privacy)

Bottom line is that we convert accounts receivable into cash for a low flat fee of $12-$16 per delinquency. And because there are no percentage fees...

You Keep ALL money collected!

Bottomline Consulting is more than a collection agency. We examine your existing follow up and collections process and prepare a detailed analysis of your receivables from recently past due accounts through seriously delinquent debtors. By listening carefully to you and your staff, we will implement and support the collection agency that will get you the highest return in the shortest amount of time

Our Collection Agency Services will Benefit Your Organization

  • You'll Get Better Results

    The results of collection agency we work with are TRIPLE that of the average agency as reported by the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA). We achieve these high recovery rates by treating all balances equally. Most likely, your organization has past due accounts that vary in size, sometimes widely. A percentage-based agency will naturally spend more time and effort to recover the largest accounts while virtually ignoring the smaller ones. The flat-fee agency we work with does not have the incentive to concentrate on larger accounts. Therefore, all of your past due accounts, large and small, are treated equally, meaning better results and increased cash flow.
  • You'll Spend Less Money

    Our cost to collect is much less than the commissions you would have to pay to a percentage-based agency. The national average commission for percentage-based collection agencies is about 30%. So if a $200 debt is collected, you will owe the agency $60. Compare this with the average flat fee of $14 (no % commissions) for the same account collected using our services.
  • You'll Get a Higher Return on Your Investment (ROI)

    Your ROI using a percentage-based collection agency is fixed. For example, the ROI when using a 30% agency is fixed at 2:1. That means that for every dollar submitted to collection, you will only get $2 in return, regardless of the size of the debts or number of debts you submit. The ROI for the flat-fee services we provide can vary from 10:1 to 20:1 or even greater, depending on the average size of the past due accounts you submit. That means that you can expect to receive $10 to $20 or more for every dollar submitted to our services.
  • You'll Control the Collection Process

    Unlike a typical agency, our services allow you to control the entire collection process. You can start, stop, pause or cancel the process at any time for each account in collection.
  • You'll Stay Informed

    You can pull real-time status reports and up-to-date financial results 24/7 from the secure web page that the service creates for you. No longer will you have to request status from your collection agency. Results can also be downloaded in Excel format at any time.

In addition to collection agency services, we have a billing reminder service that has been shown to accelerate payments, increase cash flow, and actually decrease the number of patients or customers that need to be placed into collections. As a further benefit, this service has proven to significantly reduce administrative workload and overhead.

We would like to show you exactly how these services work, how they will communicate with your patients and customers, and share actual results we are getting for clients in your market. Even if you already have an attorney or collection agency, it makes sense to know what alternatives can get better and faster results at a lower cost. There's no obligation, so why not give us a call at (973) 222-7450 or click here to arrange for a free demonstration.

Thank you for visiting our website. We do appreciate you taking the time to learn about our consultancy and invite you to see how we set ourselves apart from traditional agencies and to find out how we can help increase profits, maximize cash flow and retain patients and customers.

At Bottomline Consulting, OUR Focus is YOUR Bottom Line