Answers from BottomLine Consulting 

  • How Big are They? - The services recommended by BottomLine Consulting have been recovering Accounts Receivable for businesses since 1970 and are backed by one of the largest Accounts Receivables Management companies in the US. Over 60,000 businesses in all markets use these services, with over 20,000 of them in medical and dental practice. 
  • Where can they Collect? - The services provided are licensed to collect in all 50 states including Puerto Rico. If you have customers in several states or nationally, you can be confident that the services recommended by BottomLine will be able to collect from them.
  • What Kind of Reporting Can You Expect? - The collection agency services recommended by BottomLine Consulting provide real-time online reports that show how many letters/demands have been sent and the results. You can, at any time, pull a financial analysis report that will compute how many accounts have been submitted, average age and balance, $$ recovered, ROI, etc. 
  • Are They Experienced in Your Industry? - Our recommended services have experience in virtually every market. Since they have an extensive presence in the medical/dental market, the billing reminder and collection services meet the exacting privacy, reliability and professionalism that Doctors and Dentists demand. These standards extend to all business clients for both commercial and consumer debts.
  • Do They Treat All Balances Equally? - The billing  reminder services and 1st stage collection agency services recommended by BottomLine consulting are based on a flat-fee model. The flat-fee model eliminates the tendency to put more work into higher balances while virtually ignoring the smaller ones. Our pricing model ensures that your balances, whether large or small, will be worked in exactly the same way.
  • Do They Comply with Regulations? - The collection services offered by BottomLine are fully compliant with all Federal, State and Local regulations. These include FDCPA, HIPAA, and TCPA. Recent attention has been paid to compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) which, in part, governs calls to cell phones. The services we recommend have the considerable financial resources to detect cell phone numbers and to assure compliance with the TCPA. You can be assured that you will not have to worry about compliance issues. 
  • What Paperwork do You Have to Submit? - NONE. All submissions and status updates are easily entered into a secure website. All that's needed is the debtor's name, good address, good phone number, and the amount owed. That's it!
  • What Kind of Support Can You Expect? - In addition to your personal consultant at BottomLine, the services we recommend have a full complement of support personnel ready to assist you at a toll-free number or by email. Unlike some other services, our support is provided free of charge. 
  • Will They Indemnify You Against Lawsuits? - Yes. As part of our agreement, the services we recommend will indemnify you and hold you harmless from lawsuits arising from collection efforts. 

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