Save Time With Automated Billing Reminders
First Party Billing Follow-Up
Billing Reminders

"The faster you mail an invoice, the faster you will be paid. If your service does not automatically trigger an invoice and statements, establish a set billing schedule, preferably weekly." 
- The Journal of Accountancy

The billing reminder service offered by BottomLine Consulting does just that by automatically sending up to 5 mixed media reminders 5,7 or 10 days apart on your behalf, all for an affordable flat fee. This follow-up service accelerates cash flow with no additional effort on your part and will:

   - Reduce Internal Costs    - Free Up Staff
   - Reduce the Need for Collections    - Recover More Money
   - Provide Real-Time, Up to Date Status Reports        - Enhance Company's Image

This is NOT a collection agency service, but a way for you to reduce the number of statements you have to send, free up staff to tend to other duties in the office, and systematically and diplomatically remind your overdue customers or patients that their bill is past due. The result? Faster remittances, increased cash flow, reduced overhead, and fewer accounts you'll end up sending to a collection agency.

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