Collection Agency Speeds Insurance Claim Resolution
Insurance Resolution

Medical Insurance Claim FormIt's not a question of IF you'll get paid, it's a question of WHEN.

-  How much time does your staff spend trying to get a claim reimbursed?
-  How frustrating is it to be put on hold for 10, 20 minutes or longer?
-  Is your staff so tied up with claims that it has become an issue?
-  Are your days in receivables for insurance claims rising?

The collection agency services implemented by Bottomline Consulting are unique in the industry as your collection agency demands are sent directly to a supervisor's desk for immediate attention. You'll get a payment or an EOB in less time, with little or no additional effort.

- Your staff will spend less time on hold,
-  Your staff will be able to focus more on recent claims, rather than chasing down older ones. 
-  Your practice will be able to bring in more patients without adding staff to support the increased number of claims.
-  Your practice will see days in receivables decrease and positive cash flow increase. 

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