Intensive Collection Agency for Difficult Cases
Telephone Contact and Legal Services
Collection Agency telephone collector
For those debtors who do not respond to other services, or for those very tough or old cases, Bottomline Consulting may recommend intensive collection agency and legal services.

Intensive collection agency services employ professional telephone collectors who are trained to deal firmly, and legally, with severely delinquent clients or patients. The intensive collection agency we recommend adheres strictly to Federal Collection Laws as well as state and local regulations. 

Persistence is key to intensive collections. For the most difficult cases, the process can take months with collectors making 100's of attempts to contact or make arrangements with the debtor. If the collectors determine that the debtor is adamantly unresponsive, the case may be referred to a network of attorneys who specialize in collections. They will do their due diligence in determining whether the case is worth pursuing, and if it is, they'll contact you for additional information they may need in order to begin a lawsuit. All legal fees will be fronted by the collection agency and included in the lawsuit. You'll pay nothing up front.

Intensive collection agency services are on a strictly contingency basis. If nothing is collected, you owe nothing.  

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