Diplomatic, Low-Cost Medical Collections
Medical Collection Agency gets unsurpassed results for a Flat Fee with No Commissions

Medical Collection Agency Services

Are your unpaid patient balances increasing?
How much work do you have to do to get paid?
Are you sending statements with no response?
How much time does it take to resolve insurance claims?

As deductibles and co-insurance charges rise, medical offices are under increased pressure to recover patient balances and resolve insurance claims as quickly as possible. With offices as busy as ever, and staff workload increased, unpaid balances are becoming an ever increasing cash flow problem for many, if not most medical practices. 

We can show you how medical collection agency services can recover and resolve past due patient balances and unresolved insurance claims for an average flat fee of only $10-$14 per patient. Our  medical collection agency services increase and accelerate cash flow into your practice, while at the same time, drastically reduce the number of statements you have to send. Our consultants and medical collection agency services are fully HIPAA compliant, they're used by over 30,000 doctors and dentists nationwide, and are the only medical collection services of their kind recognized for their professionalism and effectiveness by major national medical organizations.  

From automated billing follow up to medical collections, the services we use stand apart from traditional medical collection agencies with diplomatic contacts that will not alienate patients, a no-commission, flat-fee structure that ensures all balances are treated equally, and the proven effectiveness of third party intervention. And, because no percentages are taken, all collected fees go directly to your practice, thereby increasing positive cash flow. Click here for a complete description of our services.

You will also appreciate the fact that unlike traditional medical debt collection agencies, our services do not interfere with your patient relationships. We encourage patients to negotiate payment plans or resolve disputes directly with your office, even while they're in collection, without interference from a disinterested third party. We believe that YOU know your patients best, and that you, rather than an impersonal medical collection agency, are in a unique position to more effectively and fairly negotiate and resolve disputes.

Lastly, the services recommended by Bottomline Consulting are unique in that they can contact insurers as a third party to move your claim up the food chain and accelerate adjudication and reimbursements. These services have proven to reduce days in receivables by 20% or more.

If you're a provider or practice manager, and are looking for ways to systematically reduce overdue patient receivables or insurance claims, click here for a free analysis and demonstration.

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