Collection Agency Pricing

Benefits of Flat-Fee vs. Percentage-Based Agencies

Collecting past-due accounts can be expensive with minimal results. But, with its flat-fee pricing structure, the collection agency we recommend is much less expensive yielding results typically 3 times that of collection agencies that take a percentage of the money collected.

  1. Higher Return on Investment (ROI) - ROI is the amount of dollars the collection agency recovers vs. the dollars spent to collect that money. With a collection agency that takes a percentage, the ROI is fixed. For example, an agency that takes a 30% commission will give you a fixed ROI of 2:1 no matter how much is collected. By comparison, the  collection agency we recommend, with its flat-fee pricing structure, can provide ROIs of  5:1, 10:1, 20:1 or more, depending on the amount collected and the average amount owed by each debtor. An additional benefit is that our clients keep all money collected. There are NO PERCENTAGE commissions.
  2. Better results - Agencies that take a percentage of the money collected will typically work harder on larger balances, perhaps not yours, that will benefit the agency. However, with the flat-fee pricing strucure of our recommended collection agency, ALL balances are treated equally, yielding better and faster results.
The chart below illustrates the pricing structure for the collection agency we work with

Bottomline Consultation  Free of Charge
Agency Fixed-fee Price Average $13-$16 per Account Submitted
Percentage Commission    None
Support No Charge
Service Setup No Charge
Web Site Setup No Charge
Optional Software No Charge
Training No Charge

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