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Collection Agency Services

Paid-in-Full StampFrom recently overdue balances to seriously delinquent accounts, BottomLine Consulting recommends collection agency services that can accelerate payments, increase cash flow, save time, and retain customers/patients without charging percentages. These services are being used successfully by over 60,000 businesses and medical/dental practices right now, all across the US.

Our aim is simple - To provide customized collection agency solutions to help you trim receivables and increase cash flow at the lowest cost possible. To accomplish these goals, we consider three optional services: (Click on each service for a complete description.)

  1. A "One and Done" billing follow-up service contacts customers or patients on your behalf to remind them that their past due accounts need attention. This is NOT collections, but a way to accelerate payments to your business or practice while at the same time REDUCING the time and effort you spend chasing late payers. Send one statement, and let the service do the rest. The One and Done billing reminder service allows you to:

        * Dramatically Reduce the # of statements you or your staff have to send.
        * Ensure that each and every customer or patient is contacted on a regular, predictable basis.
        * Increase and Accelerate cash flow into your business or practice.
        * Decrease the number of customers or patients that will go to collections.

  2. 1st Stage Collection Agency service is for those customers or patients who do not respond to billing reminders, or for those whose accounts between 60 days and 1 year old. The 1st stage collection agency is diplomatic and there are zero percentage commisions. You get all money collected, and you can:

       * Keep all money collected without paying percentages.
       * Retain customers and patients through diplomatic collection agency contacts.  
       * Eliminate financial risk with results guaranteed in writing.
       * Increase collections from small balances. All balances, large and small are treated equally.

  3. Intensive Collection Agency service employs professional telephone collectors and is suggested for customers or patients who do not respond to 1st stage collection agency service or for those accounts that are in excess of 1 year old. Intensive Collection Agency fees are contingency based, so if nothing is collected, you owe nothing.  

Our collection agency solutions can be used individually or together in a comprehensive and continuous accounts receivable management strategy. Our consultants can customize each of these services to integrate seamlessly into your current business operations. 

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