Collection Agency for Tradespeople
Collections for Tradespeople
Collection Agency for the trades

If you're a plumber, electrician or contractor, you probably have customers who haven' paid for your services, primes who tell you that you'll get paid when they get paid, and worst of all, customers who needed your services in an emergency and still have yet to pay. Bottomline Consulting can help you. The collection and resolution services that we recommend will not harm relationships with your primes, yet our service's third-party intervention process will motivate your customers to pay you or to make suitable arrangements directly with YOU, not with an anonymous third party. 

Our recommendations will put YOU in control of the collection and resolution process. And since no percentages are taken, you will keep ALL money collected. These collection and resolution services have been proven to be 3 times more effective than typical collection agencies, and our flat-fee structure costs far less than the 30% "commission" that most collection agencies charge. In fact, the national average cost of the services we recommend is a low 7% of the dollars collected or resolved. That means big savings for you. 

Talk to us, because when it comes to collections

you'll make more and spend less with Bottomline Consulting.  

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