Dipomatic Collection Agency Services for Veterinarians
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Veterinarian Collection AgencyCollection Agency for Veterinarians

We recommend flat-fee, no-percentage, low cost veterinary collection agency services that get superior results with a diplomatic approach perfectly suited for veterinary practices.

Veterinarians we talk to have a natural resistance to sending clients to a collection agency. It's understandable. The nature of their practices and the problems their patients face make it difficult to "go after" clients, even when they don't pay for services.  

The veterinary collection agency recommended by Bottomline Consulting solves this problem with a comprehensive and diplomatic approach to Accounts Receivable management, starting with automated billing follow-up to diplomatic flat-fee collections and ultimately intensive collections and legal options. The collection agency services we recommend for veterinarians have a proven track record of success, and will get you paid without losing clients.

We recommend the following services which can be used separately or in combination:
  • Billing Follow-Up service systematically reminds recently past due clients up to 5 times on your behalf  to let them know that their bill is due. This is NOT collections, but a way for you to accelerate payments without adding staff or increasing workload and overhead. Just bill once and you're done!

  • 1st Stage Collection Agency service is for those clients who do not respond to billing follow-up, or for those whose accounts are between 60 days and 1 year past due. This diplomatic veterinary collection agency is unique in that NO PERCENTAGES are taken and all money collected goes directly to your practice.

  • Intensive Collection Agency service employs professional telephone collectors and is suggested for clients who do not respond to 1st stage collections or for those accounts that are in excess of 1 year past due. Intensive Collection fees are contingency based, so if nothing is collected, you owe nothing.

With these services, we at BottomLine Consulting will help your practice increase cash flow, save administrative costs, and allow your practice to grow without adding staff. 

As an added benefit, Bottomline Consulting will at no cost to you, install and support software that automatically scans your Practice Management System's database and identifies delinquent client accounts that meet your criteria,  i.e. 30, 60, or 90 days past due. All you need to do is select those clients that should be placed in any of the services above, and click the submit button. That's it! No need to go through charts or spend time filling out forms. Everything is done for you in a single click.

This addition to our veterinary collection agency services is unique in the industry. The software saves time, increases efficiency, reduces overhead, and boosts cash flow at no additional cost.

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